“I’ve played in countless hockey tournaments in my life… I can promise you, there is nothing like a
Showdown Hockey weekend. If you love hockey and like to mix it up on the weekend with your boys,
you must experience this.”

– KJ Tiefenwerth (Quinnipiac ’16 | Las Vegas & Montreal Showdown Alum)

“Montreal Showdown was a blast! It was awesome hockey and I enjoyed meeting guys from all the other teams. One of my most fun hockey experiences in my life.”

-Cam Brown (Maine ’17 | Montreal Showdown Alum)

“Me and my college/ old junior teammates always talked about a reunion get together, but never
seemed to figure it out. Then one of the guys found the Las Vegas Showdown … the rest is history. We
still talk about that weekend until this day… I cannot wait to get the guys together for the Big Apple

-Dan Tatar (Union ’07 | Las Vegas Showdown Alum)

“Had a blast at the Montreal Showdown tourney. Great hockey and a lot of fun out with the boys. The
Montreal Showdown was executed to perfection – overall great experience from transportation,
nightlife events, fresh uniforms, and tournament setup. Can’t wait for the Big Apple Showdown!”

– Jake Savona (Arizona State Club ’18 | Montreal Showdown Alum)

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“The Montreal Showdown was a great experience the two years I went. The boys being boys, playing hockey, going out and enjoying the company of good people. This tournament will be something I will remember for the rest of my life. See ya Monday!”


– Nick Sadow (El Paso Rhinos ’12 | Montreal Showdown Alum)